Rose Anti-Wrinkle Mask (120pc)

Rose Anti-Wrinkle Mask (120pc)
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Rose Anti-Wrinkle Mask: 

Product Description

  • Effect : Liposome deliver transfer system that encapsulates Vit E, deliver it deep into skin effectively. Using 100% cotton USA may quickly relaease essence into the skin and increase the skin absorbability. Rose mask - anti-wrinkle helps you get a firm and elastic skin. The formula helps to restore skin structure and makes your skin soften and radiant.
  • Ingredients : D.I.Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Witch Hazel Extract, Rose Extract, Algae Extract.
  • Skin type : Suitable for ALL skin type.
  • Directions : Take a sheet of rose anti wrinkle mask to apply on entire face 10-15 min. No need to wash face after taking off the mask. Gently massage in excess essence in circular motion and then apply proper toner/lotion/cream.
  • 主要功效 : 獨特添加含維他命E微脂囊, 高效傳輸抗皺成分, 撫平細紋, 協助肌膚水合凝聚力, 并釋放有效成份供給肌膚達到柔嫩細致, 明亮白皙, 提供滋潤及保濕肌膚.
  • 主要成份 : 玫瑰萃取精華, 玻尿酸, 維他命E (微脂囊), 胺基酸, 酵母素, 金縷梅萃取, 膠原蛋白, 海藻精華.
  • 適合膚質 : 適用於任何膚質, 針對缺水及乾性皮膚.
  • 使用方法 : 臉部清潔后, 取一片玫瑰抗皺面膜與肌膚密合, 於10-15分鐘后取下, 打圈按摩待精華液完全吸收, 不用沖水.